Making a Complaint

We work alongside thousands of local people every year, determined to provide the best support possible. To ensure our work does not fall below the high standards we set, we regularly speak to the people we support to gather feedback. We obtain feedback when we first meet with a family and again when our support comes to an end. We are proud to say that we very rarely receive negative feedback or speak to people who have been disappointed with our service.

However, we realise that no organisation is perfect, and at times the support provided by one of our team members may fall below the high expectations you have of our organisation. If this situation does occur, we want to hear from you so that we can understand your experience and learn what we need to do to resolve your problem.

Our Process

If you have been unhappy with the support you have received from a member of our team, we would invite you to complete ourĀ complaints form.

The form will ask you to Your complaint will initially be dealt with by the line manager of the staff member or project you are unhappy with. If the issue is not resolved, you can ask for your complaint to be reviewed by our senior management team. If you feel that your complaint has still not been resolved, you can ask for your issue to be looked into by our board, also known as the Management Committee.

Once you have submitted your complaint we ask for you to give us a maximum of ten working days to respond. We will try to respond sooner whenever possible. A further 10 working days will be required if you are appealing your complaint. If you do require our board to consider your complaint, we will need longer than 10 working days. A member of our team will discuss this with you.